Frater stands alone in his technical virtuosity, imaginative perceptions and sense of humor. His work reflects a rare combination of both intuitive and instinctive sensibilities–he personifies the reaction painter who houses deep humane feelings and insight.

A keen observer of the world around him, he captures the natural beauty, the social message and the hidden allegorical meaning with a strong sense of color and light.

His representational, expressionistic style is unique yet reminiscent of his friends and colleagues whom he shared a studio with, Jack Levine, Raphael Soyer, John Sloan, Thomas Hart Benton, Reginald Marsh and Philip Reisman.

This is a rare treat to be able to view these masterpieces since they have been hidden from the public for twelve years and their value has soared.

His outstanding quality of technical virtuosity and craftsmanship combined with his personal vision of the world make him remarkable. Most certainly, Frater joins the ranks with Winslow Homer and John Sloan in the history books of American Art.

Hal Frater