50" x 50", Oil on Canvas

Renè Schuler

"The Vast Here & Now"

78" x 58" Oil on Board

60" x 40", Oil on Canvas

36" X 48", Oil on Canvas

Duan Zhaonan

"Father Series No7. 2015"

Renè's ethereal and monochromatic brush strokes are grounded in simplicity, and yet they hint at the complexity of the solitary human existence.

Betsy Podlach

"Standing Nude in Profile"

This is an excellent early example of Hirsch's works. He has utilized a thick palette knife, which eventually led to his Neo-Cubist Technique.

31" X 33", Oil on Canvas

Uri Blayer

"The Desert"

Innocent..Bold..Evocative..."Somewhat Reminiscent of early 20th century Russians like Soutine..." - New York Times

"Uri Blayer's work contains some of the best examples of representational painting techniques by a young artist that I have seen in a long time." - New York Times

"Duan's paintings reflect his deep compassion.  ...The elegance and grace permeated from his artwork evokes a sense of happiness lost, of a world no longer around us. Childhood lost to be regained in our old age... " Alik Elzafon.

Allen Hirsch

"Seated Nude in Front of Mirror"