Kristy Chettle Sebok

Kristy has been interested in both art and nature since she was a young. Her parents had a strong influence over her creative endeavors and her attachment to the earth. They spent their free time immersed in nature, between the coast and the mountains, where she began to sketch and draw.

Kristy attended California Polytechnic University where she took classes in drawing, life drawing, painting and sculpture on her way to a degree in graphic design. Later, in Italy, she was exposed and introduced to oils, working one-on-one with her instructor to really understand the potential depths of expression in her painting and drawing. Her interest in abstraction led to a deep appreciation and understanding of integration before abstracting and strongly influenced her current style, framing the basis for her artistic theory.

Recently, she has re-incorporated painting in oil to her expressions of nature and the power of her passion for life and the natural world. Painting daily, she is creating larger abstracts in her small downtown studio on the Central Coast. Her current works reflect years of study, nature, maturity and emotion. She paints emotions and feelings putting color, motion and texture together to express abstract thoughts and ideas. Her goal is to move and inspire, opening the hearts and imagination of her viewers.

Kristy’s artistry continues to grow along the many pathways she has cultivated over the course of her career. Oils, acrylics, ceramics and found art are the expressions of her passion for her surroundings and her love of life, and love itself.