Sofia Kisselov, an Israeli artist born in Cracow (1923), Where in her youth she experienced the period of the war and the Holocaust, has lived in Israel since 1946, painting portraits. It is not simple to be a woman in the time of a fierce generation, a generation of violence, to take a human and ethical stand, to crystallize a personal line, to focus on the indiviaual portrait and to cleave to it as though it were an entire world. Not many Israeli artists have engaged as she has in  individual portraiture, and those who have done so have concurrently created across a broad horizon of local landscape painting. Kisselow does not feel any need to open up the space of the individual who is bounded in the portrait to the broad gaze of the Israeli landscape. She has not attempted to paint nature, aninals or flowers, and when she has painted the body of a boat in Jaffa harbor or the space of her own studio, she has done so in the format and with the characteristics of a portrait, not of a landscape.